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Hacks to Make Your Shoes Comfortable

Shoes have become an integral fashion accessory. Most of us spend more than half our day wearing a pair of shoes. For this reason, along with their looks, your shoes must also be comfortable. Wearing shoes of the wrong size or grip can cause various problems like backaches, knocked knees and even joint pains. Although high-grip soles are not necessary for daily use, slippery shoes can cause discomfort and embarrassment when walking on smooth surfaces. Here is how to make shoes non-slippery so that you can move freely on any terrain:

Got New Soles? Just Walk!

If your brand-new pair of shoes turned out to be very slippery, read on before you decide to ask for a refund! New soles have a tendency to be smooth and offer less traction. Simply walk on rough surfaces like concrete, sand, gravel or rocks. This creates tiny abrasions in your new soles that are crucial to providing more friction. If you have harder soles, you may need to rub the soles on rough surfaces with your hands or even use sandpaper to rub against them. This will ensure that your shoes get the grip that they were missing!

Grip Adding Products

Believe it or not, shoe grip is a widely renowned issue. Companies have come out with products which serve only one purpose- giving your soles a better hold! These are best suited for shoes that have been worn out due to heavy use. Even shoes that once provided great grip might lose that property and end up becoming slippery. There are textured pads, grip-sprays, and various other products available online that can bring the grab back to your shoe! All these products are inexpensive and totally worth the money spent on them. Another home-remedy is spraying the soles with hairspray. This will prevent the shows from slipping over smooth surfaces like tiles or marble.

Simple Research

Buying shoes correctly can help you avoid this problem in the first place! Make sure you understand your shoe requirements and where you would generally wear them. For people working at malls or restaurants, anti-slip soles may be a necessity, while for employees working at carpeted offices, shoes with little grip are sufficient. With a wide range of shows available at the simple click of a button, it is not hard to choose the best show before you go ahead and make that purchase!

Slippery shoes are easy to fix. Give the above ideas a try before you consider throwing them away. If these tricks couldn’t fix your issue, you can also try approaching professional shoe-repair companies. Especially for high-value shoes, spending that extra money would be a no-brainer, when you are promised that your shoe would be returned to you in mint condition. You are not alone, this is a widely faced problem, but fortunately, fixing it requires almost no effort! Take that pair of shoes out and start fixing!

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